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Jan 9, 2013 7:00am PST
the advocate for the people who elected you. he that's all this is about. it's not about me trying to take control of anything. other than trying to take care of the people who elected me. >> but you're not happy, it seems, with the course of the republican party right now. you blasted republicans last week over their inaction over hurricane sandy. you said they showed callous indifference, practicing toxic politics. strong letter to follow. those aren't words of a guy who is happy with his party. >> no, because sandy is and was above politics in every other element except what happened in congress a week ago. i was trying to point out very clearly was there are people suffering in new jersey, people suffering in new york. they need to be taken care of. remember this now, matt. we've now waited seven times longer than the victims of katrina waited for federal aid. not right. >> are you happy with the course of the republican party right now? do you think it's headed in the right direction? >> matt, we've lost two national elections in a row. i would say the answer is no. >> okay. >> we've
Jan 11, 2013 7:00am PST
. >> and it was an election year. >> wow! let's move on and hope that some of the panel has seen some of these next movies. best motion picture comedy or musical. savannah, jason and michelle all say "les mis" maybe the favorite. tamron, you and i like "silver linings playbook." >> i like the movie because i like the cast. again, i haven't seen the movie. but the reviews are incredible. >> yes, savannah? >> why are you hiding your talent for french by calling it "les mis"? >> no, i don't like to. >> please. >> on monday you talked about girard depardieu. >> are you talking about "les miserables." >> there it is. >> 60% of the viewers think it will be "les miserables." >> in full disclosure, i did not like this movie at all. >> either she didn't see it or didn't like it? >> no, it was three hours long. it's all singing instead of speaking. a person that gives out awards is in love with this kind of movie and i get that. >> you have to have an incredible cast. anne hathaway, hugh jackman, russell crowe, they nailed it. i think the viewers agree. >> russell crowe did -- he was in that movie. not all great si
Jan 10, 2013 7:00am EST
newly elected state attorney george brockler and said he's not ready yet to announce whether he will seek the death penalty against holmes. >> reporter: there has been ample speculation here a plea agreement, not the death penalty but life in prison without the possibility of parole and guilty on all counts could be the way this case ultimately ends. >> mike, thanks for that. >>> we want to get a check at the top stories. naturally is at the newsdesk. >> good morning. a bombing this morning is televiv. it was a criminally motivated assassination attempt and not a terrorist act. >>> witnesses report a man on a motorcycle tossed a bomb into a car. several people were wounded in the blast. investigators are searching for what caused a high speed ferry to cash into a dock in lower manhattan wednesday. police say the boat's crew passed alcohol breath tests. it had undergone a recent overhaul and new propulsion system but officials don't know if those were factors in the incident. 70 people were injured in that crash at least two critically. >>> more trouble for boeing and the much to
Jan 14, 2013 7:00am PST
will walk behind you any moment. there is a very thin line between leverage coming off an election and lame duck status, and the president has a robust agenda for this term number 2. >> it is, and the first year of second terms are the ones you have a shot as sitting president to have the most productive parts. but i want to go back and emphasize something david said, and that has to do with what the president has chosen to talk about, the debt ceiling, he knows he can't get to anything else until these budget battles are finally behind him. as long as those are staring the president in the face, guns put to the side, immigration to the side, education, even issues with health care, all of them become side issues if you cannot get this budget impasse behind him. >> you'll have a front row seat. the white house hastily announced this morning that this would be happening. again, as we said, the 37th time in a formal manner the president has met with the news media as we'll look at -- we'll take a look at it, we'll be able to see him walk up the side room to the podium to take questions, but a
Jan 10, 2013 7:00am PST
to a couple of fist pumps outside the courtroom from newly elected district attorney, who told nbc news he's not ready yet to tell whether he'll seek the death penalty against james holmes. the judge will rule tomorrow on whether or when a trial in the case might take place. there's been ample speculation a plea argument, guilty on all counts, and not the death penalty, but life in prison without parole will be how this case ultimately ends. carl? >> mike in centennial, colorado, thanks for that. >>> we want a check on today's other top stories, natalie, good morning to you. >> good morning, everyone. a bombing this morning in tel aviv, police say the explosion was a criminally motivated assassination attempt and is not a terrorist attack. eyewitnesss report a man on a motorcycle tossed a bomb into a car. several people were wounded in the blast. >>> investigators are searching for what caused a high-speed ferry to crash into a dock on wednesday. the boat's crew passed alcohol breath tests. the boat had undergone a recent overhaul, installing new engines and propulsion system, but official
Jan 12, 2013 5:00am PST
of the characteristics we've seen of president obama since his re-election is he's confident in his own instincts and his ability to push his policies. i think because the american people have decidedly turned against that war as they had against the iraq war, there isn't much political downside for the president unless you have some catastrophic degradation of the situation in afghanistan that causes people to say, hey, wait a minute. this president's moving too fast. >> john, nice to see you this morning. thank you. >> you bet. >>> and once again, here's lester. >> erica, thanks. >>> the federal government says boeing's new 787 dreamliner is safe to fly even though there have been a series of well-reported problems with the cutting-edge aircraft model this week. it's a humiliating setback for boeing. we get the latest from correspondent tom costello. >> reporter: in san jose friday, the newest 787 dreamliner entered service for japan's nippon airways, the same airline which the same day also reported one of its 787s had developed a crack on a cockpit window. the latest in a string of embarrassments for
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9 (some duplicates have been removed)